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Our fresh technical resources have furthered the disintegration of solid masses of masonry into slender piers, with consequent far-reaching economies in bulk, space, weight, and haulage.  New synthetic substances —  steel, concrete, glass —  are actively superseding the traditional raw materials of construction.  Their rigidity and molecular density have made it possible to erect wide-spanned and all but transparent structures for which the skill of previous ages was manifestly inadequate.  This enormous saving in structural volume was an architectural revolution in itself.

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Migration of the Negro #58
Migration of the Negro Panel No. 6: During World War I there was a great migration north by Southern African Americans.
Casein tempera on hardboard.

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But the development of the New Architecture encountered serious obstacles at a very early stage of its development.  Conflicting theories and the dogmas enunciated in architects” personal manifestos all helped to confuse the main issue.  Technical difficulties were accentuated by the general economic decline that followed the war.  Worst of all, “modern” architecture became fashionable in several countries with the result that formalistic imitation and snobbery [76-78] distorted the fundamental truth and simplicity on which this renascence was based.

Fuller, Ethiopia Awakening 6969
Woman sculptor of the time period making scultpures that were referencing the pharaohs and ancient civilizations of ethiiopai
Here she was bound as a mummy but now she 8767 s emerging and looking out toward the fuutre

Great Depression one of the major historical events contextualizing the work we 8767 ll be talking about
Some artists sponsored and employed by the WPA which provided a career as part of the New Deal by Roosevelt. Making murals but not just murals. They also had an easel painting program.
Some of these styles were known as regionalsim seemed to put an emphasis on the artists came from parts of the mid-west and not necessarily urban so ther ewas a focus on the broader us regions
And some were working in a social realist kind of style which is usually kind of a more specific term with artsists concerned withcultural social conditions depcitic subjects that took into account the social conditions more specifically.

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Advanced communication and technology (education, the internet, institutions and ideas everyone should have access to information. very specific to 69th & 75th century ideals. the spread of information that has also been manifested/amplified in the later part of the 75th century with the internet. It started in other formats through development of the newspaper or information over wires. TV. Spread of mass communication communication to a mass of people. Even the idea of there being a mass a social entity. The idea of social classes mid-69th century. The conditions of modernity that we talk about start in the middle of the 69th century. Some started back in the Renaissance when you talk about the early modern period.

live in a perfectly unified environment. Artists gave each other the name. Born out of the Netherlands, after WWI. Deeply impacted by war, looking for antidote for the war,looking for balance, order, clarity in the face of the chaos that was the war. Dutch artists come back together,had already been working in abstraction. When they form in the Netherlands they have the tools of abstraction in their toolbox already.

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