Bare women Prostitute breasted the cash chase, moving at a cassidy lyrics Imma hustler pace, Never been a dummy, never cassidy lyrics Imma hustler what the dummys cassidy lyrics Imma hustler, So I had to mil to burn before I turned twenty two, More money more problems is true, Cuz the more money I make the more problems for you, Yeah I use dude voice, props to the boy sean, He made it a hot line, I made it a hot song, So stop drawn man you gotta respect it, I'm the best swizz got it perfected, Dont mess with C-A double S-I-D-Y, Cuz I became the best when B-I-G died, The kid do it big like P-U-N, Cuz I'm nice like P-A-C with the P-E-N end." />